Well, I’ve learnt something new today!

TLDR or as it’s sometimes written TL;DR means “Too Long; Didn’t Read”.

If I’ve written a long article about, say, Microsoft Edge Updates and someone posts a comment saying “TLDR”, it means something like “Couldn’t be bothered to read this, it was too long”.

It’s also sometimes used by people who did read the article and want to do a summary for others who think ‘TLDR’. In my Microsoft Edge example, it might be…

TLDR – Microsoft Edge Updates

Microsoft is rolling out a new version of Edge, the only real difference is the logo! You don’t need to do anything, you’ll get it soon.

If you want more details about Microsoft Edge you can read the full article here.

In reading up on what TLDR means I came across a How-To Geek article which I scanned down and didn’t read… basically I just TLDR’d in ‘reading’ up on this!

Mike =)

PS: The How-To Geek article goes into the background of TLDR but… TLDR! (lots of adverts)