Hey, I’m Jess.

I’m kept pretty busy here at The Helpful Book Company. You can read a bit more about me and my time so far at Helpful Books here 🙂

Hi, I’m Mike…

… This is my second time here at the Inner Circle. You can read my first blog post about who I am here, and my updated one about what I’ve done since here. It’s lovely to be back. You’ll see me answering questions and the odd Journal Post from time to time! Drop me a message I’m looking forward to talking with you all =)

Hi, I’m Kathryn.

I’m one of the editors here at Helpful Books and I’ll be helping out answering your Clubroom questions from time to time. You can read a bit more about me here if you’re curious 🙂

Hello, I’m Tim.

Note: Tim decided to step back from The Helpful Book Company in 2019, you can read more about his decision here.
You might see some older Journal Posts and TV Episodes with Tim on around the Inner Circle. It’d be lovely to have him back as a guest star one day…

I started off by jotting down notes explaining how to use the PC for my Mum and Dad. Then I started adding pictures of the screen to make it clearer – and eventually thought “Other people might find this helpful, not just Mum and Dad”.
That’s when I set up The Helpful Book Company. Over 300,000 copies of the books later, it turns out I was right – other people do find the books helpful! Since then I’ve written several more books, recorded some videos and got a few more grey hairs due to….
Alastair and Edward – my two little boys, who arrived in July 2010 & April 2012. They get a mention from time to time in my weekly Tim’s Tech Tips newsletters. Alastair tells me he wants to come and have a desk next to mine when he grows up, so we can help each other when we get stuck writing a book…

Top Photo by Anoir Chafik on Unsplash