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Library – Newly  Added

Accessibility Tips: Using your voice to type messages on a smartphone

This post will help you out if: you use a ...
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Explaining Different Types of Social Media

Explaining Different Types of Social Media People talk a lot ...
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What are “I’m not a robot” tick boxes?

When you fill in a form on a website, for ...
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Journal – Latest Additions

Discovering your smartphone’s hidden talents: Accessibility

Photo by Daniel Ali on Unsplash Applies to: Anyone who ...
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Google’s two-step verification roll out – what you need to know

Photo by Mackenzie Marco on Unsplash Applies to: Anyone with ...
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Open in Chrome – some tips to make your phone more browsable

Applies to: Anyone using an Android smartphone or tablet There's ...
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Cinema – New Releases

ICTV June 2021: What’s Next for Inner Circle TV

Hello, just a quick one this time. Here's a brief ...
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How-To: Rotate an image in OpenOffice and insert it into OpenOffice Writer

Quick Post: This was recorded to help an Inner Circle ...
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