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NSH Covid-19 App – an update

While we’re all stuck in some form of lockdown the NHS Test and Trace App has had a really minor update… I’ve written about the NHS App in more detail here and all that’s still exactly the same as before…. Continue Reading →

How-To: Check if you have an old PayPal account and avoid the £12 Charge…

You might have seen in the news recently that PayPal is going to introduce a £12 yearly charge for inactive accounts. In this article, I’m going to cover how to check if you have an old account… As Julie mentioned… Continue Reading →

Freeview: Remember Remember the 4th of November?!

Spooky goings-on on your Freeview TV. TV channels mysteriously moving, but first a rubbish poem… Rubbish Poem: Remember, remember the fourth of November,Freeview Channels Change Number.We see no reason for them to move,But I guess they have nothing to lose!… Continue Reading →

Covid-19 Track and Trace App

Applies to anyone with an Android/Apple Smartphone who lives in the UK. Hello! Well today’s the day (in England & Wales) that the NHS Track and Trace app is available. I’ve installed it and made some notes and taken some… Continue Reading →

ICTV – Aug 2020: Ways to extend WiFi networks and a bit about DAB Radio

Hello, welcome to a slightly delayed August ICTV Episode. Mike’s in his workshop talking about different ways of extending WiFi networks, and an update on the DAB digital radio switch over. Mike got a little off track in his recording,… Continue Reading →

Done: Website Upgrades – Wednesday 26th 10am

Update: We’ve done this update now, please let us know if you spot anything odd/broken on the site and we’ll look into it right away. You can use The Clubroom and the rest of the site as normal. We’re still… Continue Reading →

Windows 10: How to check how much memory (RAM) you have

Applies to Windows 10. Here’s a quick guide to checking how much memory your PC has. Windows 10 official guidelines say that you need 2GB* of RAM (Random Access Memory) to make Windows 10 work. Read more about RAM here…. Continue Reading →

Can you get 5G?

Hello, What is 5G? It’s the next version of the mobile phone network, 5G is an upgrade from the widely used 4G network and it promises faster data transfer to your mobile phone while you’re out and about. You need… Continue Reading →

ICTV: June 2020. Win10 Updates, Lockdown Entertainment and something ground shaking ;)

Welcome to the June 2020 ICTV Episode. We talk Windows 10 updates and some ways to pass the time in lock down… 0:00 Intro 1.05 Windows 10 updates (Windows 2004!) 8.40 Lock-down Entertainment Suggestions– 8:40 Long Reads– 13.23 Earthquake and… Continue Reading →

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