This is a quick rough how-to guide on creating a BBC account. You’ll need one if you want to listen to BBC Radio, BBC iPlayer or listen to anything else on BBC Sounds (Audiobooks and podcasts for example).

We’re going to cover a few different things in this article:

  1. A brief description of what a BBC Account is
  2. How do you create one
  3. How to reset a password for an existing account
  4. Some useful links and a BBC iPlayer recommendation from Mike

What is a BBC account and why do you need one?

A BBC account is just a way to login into the BBC website so they know how people use their services. It’s free and they only request minimal data about you (They ask for a date of birth and a postcode as well as your email address). You need an account to access some BBC content such as BBC radio (although this is under review and you might be able to get BBC Radio without an account), BBC iPlayer, BBC Live TV Channels and BBC Sounds (for things like Audio Books and past radio shows).

If I’ve missed something you want to know more about or have a suggestion please let me know and I’ll update this page. Thank you.

How do I create one?

You only need to create one BBC account, if you already have one you can sign in, and if you are not sure, follow these steps and it’ll tell you to reset your password (covered below)

Head over to this webpage https://account.bbc.com/signin (Also use this link if you already have a BBC account and you can sign straight in).

Click on Register now

(Click any image to see the full-size version, then click the back button in your web browser to come back to this page)

Select your age group (or the age group of the person who the account is for).

Type your date of birth in, some people put a fake one in (I don’t) if you put a fake one in write it down).

Enter your email address, a password etc… (Write this down somewhere safe and label it BBC Account)

Click Register (the blue button at the bottom)

Select your marketing preferences and click Continue.

Then, wait a few moments (maybe make a cup of tea) and check your email address, click the link in the email.

And that’s it! Check out some useful links below for different BBC services.

Resetting your BBC account password

If you tried creating an account and it’s complaining that you already have an account then you can reset your password quickly.

Head to this page https://account.bbc.com/signin and click on “Need help signing in?”


Select the option that’s the most useful to you (most likely “I’ve forgotten my password”)

Type your email address in

Wait a few moments and then check your email open the one from the BBC and click “Change Password”

Type your new password in twice (Write it down somewhere safe along with the email address you used and label it BBC Account)

Then check out some of the handy links below to get you started.

Some useful Quick Links:

  • BBC Radio Stations:
    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/stationsClick on the radio station you want to listen to
    Then click the Play button

  • BBC News Channel (The same as the one on TV, you need a TV licence to continue)https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/live/bbcnewsThen click “Watch Live”  Or…

    ….click on the “Play” button in the bottom left

    (this is also the same for the other BBC channels, you can select these from the top black menu)

  • BBC iPlayer – for catchup TVhttps://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayerselect (click on ) the show you want to play
    (I can recommend Spooks!)

    And click the play button (sometimes you have to click a couple of play buttons)

Hope this helps you out.

As ever we’ll be around in the Clubroom to answer any questions

Thank you

Mike =)