The best way to get help with a technical question, ask any other questions or simply make a comment is to use The Clubroom.
If you’re not sure how to use it, you can read our Members’ Handbook or watch a video showing you how to use the Inner Circle on the Get Started page here.
If you want to get in touch a different way, you can.


Email us at: [email protected]


Or you can write (or send a cake) to us at:

The Helpful Book Company
13B Devonshire Road Estate
LA18 4JS


We don’t promise to be able to give technical help over the phone – The Clubroom’s the best place for that. But if you’ve got a question about your membership, contact us here and we should be able to help.

Other details

Oh, and in case you need it, our main website is

Our registered company name is The Helpful Book Company Limited, registered company number 08747103 and VAT number GB 856 9504 83.