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There are lots of ways you can use technology to keep yourself entertained – from online TV, to games, music and books on your smartphone.

ebook: All You Need To Know About Music, Radio & Podcasts

All smartphones and tablets come with a Music app that you can use to buy music and listen to songs or albums you’ve bought. But there are also apps and websites that you can use to listen to music for… Continue Reading →

ebook: All You Need To Know About eBooks

I have to admit – it did feel a little bit odd working on this particular eBook for the Inner Circle. An eBook about eBooks! Whatever next! Anyway… in this little book you’ll discover the advantages and disadvantages of an… Continue Reading →

How-To: Creating a BBC Account and some useful BBC Quick Links…

Hello, This is a quick rough how-to guide on creating a BBC account. You’ll need one if you want to listen to BBC Radio, BBC iPlayer or listen to anything else on BBC Sounds (Audiobooks and podcasts for example). We’re… Continue Reading →

A handy tip if you wear headphones or earphones

I use headphones loads at work, for editing the Inner Circle TV episodes, listening to music and sometimes watching help tutorials so I can find answers to problems. Sometimes I even listen to things in binaural sound. When you listen… Continue Reading →

BBC R&D, Virtual Reality and Binaural Sound

Updated: 27/03/20 In this article, I want to tell you about a few interesting bits and pieces that the BBC are doing at the moment – but first, a few quick definitions: What is Binaural Sound? The BBC explain it… Continue Reading →

Renting and streaming films and TV series

[Updated: 14/04/2020] Renting Films and TV series You might have noticed how there are no video rental stores around nowadays – that’s because most people stream films and TV programmes online to their devices. You can watch almost any TV… Continue Reading →

Watching TV online

Imagine this: your TV set has just blown up and you’re in the middle of watching the season finale of Downton Abbey!  Oh no! Thankfully, if you have a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can carry on watching the episode… Continue Reading →

What is downloading?

What is Downloading? Downloading is just the technical term for copying something from the internet to your computer, tablet or smartphone.  For example, when you download an app from the app store for your phone, what you’re doing is copying… Continue Reading →

Chromecast – how to set one up and use it.

Updated 24/4/20 Sometimes it’s easier to share a funny video with your friends on a bigger screen or show them your holiday pictures on a screen they can all see, rather than all huddling around the tiny screen on your… Continue Reading →

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