This month we talk through some Amazon Echo skills and Mike (the 1st) reminisces about Chipmunks…

To get started with an Amazon Echo you use the ‘wake word’ “Alexa” followed by a command. For example “Alexa, what time is it?”. Then Alexa replies with a spoken answer. Some of the things we cover in the video are:


  • … play [BBC Radio 2] / [Country hits radio]  (see note below as listening to BBC stations has changed since we recorded this)
  • … stop (probably the most useful command)
  • … set volume level [1-10]
  • … set a reminder (for a date/time)
  • … what reminders do I have
  • … set a timer for minutes/hours
  • and more…

Watch now

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Links to the items we mention:

What’s changed since we recorded this?

  • In the video we mention playing BBC Radio 2. The BBC has just (yesterday) changed the way BBC radio plays on an Amazon Alexa, to find out the latest check with the BBC Smart Speaker help page here

Mike & Jess

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