Brief intro: When connecting to hotel/public WiFi you have to tick that you’ve read 10,000 words of T&Cs, but sometimes you can’t get to this page, this tip fixes that.

Level: Everyone.

As well as doing things here at Helpful Books, I also do some work at a company that runs events. I was in Leeds last week at an event about Digital Demolition. One of the presentations was all about using technology to make demolition safer by removing humans from the demolition zone! It was very interesting, lots of tech to stop people being where they shouldn’t be.

During the setup for the event I had 3 phones and 2 laptops to connect to the hotel’s WiFi. Once connected each device then asked me to go through a “please accept these terms and conditions and give us your email address” screen…

(See image above as an example of a ‘portal’ page)

The Problem

One of the mobile phones at the event didn’t connect properly. It connected to the WiFi fine, but it wouldn’t give me the ‘portal’ page to sign into the hotel WiFi. It told me that I needed to ‘sign into the WiFi’ but every time I tapped on it, it just didn’t work.

At some point in my random internet surfing I remember reading an article about this, and the problem is that the phone was trying to connect to a secure website, and the hotel WiFi couldn’t get in between the connection to show the ‘portal’ page.

The Tip

So, the steps to follow are:

  1. Open a web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)
  2. Go to the website
  3. Get to the ‘portal’ website and login
  4. Hopefully this gets you online!

Never Secure

I’m a big fan of making things secure, from secure passwords to loading websites over a secure connection. However, this handy website will never be secure and can help you out when you need to connect to WiFi that has odd login portal pages.

This helped me out and I hope one day it’ll help you too

Mike =)

Portal Image via @mattoxshuler on Twitter