A Shocked Chipmunk

I recently had an email from someone I don’t know, let’s call him Tom.
The email said:

We eagerly await the arrival of you and your family on Thursday. Donna has expressed a concern about the safety of our pet chipmunks with Sadie here. What do you think?

I don’t know what her hunting pattern is like.

It’s all to do with the wrong email address…

I too am worried about Sadie and the Chipmunks, for one I don’t know what type of animal Sadie is? Wolf? Dog? Goat? Who knows!? And as they sent the email to the wrong Mike, how will they know if they should be worried or not?
Well this got me thinking about how important it is to make sure you know what someone’s email address actually is (and knowing your own email address for that matter). I have had emails from all sorts of people thinking I am a different Mike, for example:

  • An email about “our wedding plans”, will details of venue, invited guests and I seem to remember a note about someone they were NOT inviting! The email was meant for her husband to be, also called Mike Lowden. I later got sent pics of their beach wedding, it looked amazing.
  • Another Mike Lowden emailed me about a Netflix account which was opened with his email address, which means he could login and watch Netflix for free! He thought it was my account, but it wasn’t.
  • A reply to Noah’s birthday invite from someone called Chloe?! I don’t know a Noah or a Chloe, so I can only assume she turned up and he didn’t know she was coming?
  • And another (different) birthday invite reply saying “Emily’s Mom is 100% down w the sleep over bday party. I just texted your home phone like a dork”
  • A Fantasy Hockey team spreadsheet with instructions on how to pick a team
  • And not forgetting the time I got an email about “xylanase thermal mutants” which you can read more about here. [Update I never heard back from them, which was sad.]

So there you have it, a brief history of people mistaking me for other people
Have you had anything similar happen?
Happy weekend
P.S. This was not an excuse to use the awesome Chipmunk graphic, honest!