I was scrolling through Twitter the other day and someone I follow had posted a link to a website called Forgotify.

This website promises to find songs on Spotify that no one else has ever listened to (on Spotify)!

Spotify is a way to listen to all sorts of music and podcasts. I won’t go into detail here, but you can read more about it in the related links at the end of this post.

I loaded up https://forgotify.com/ clicked the green “Start Listening” button and got this as my option:

I’ve listened to the track now (it’s 8 minutes in full), and it was lovely. So that means you’ll get something different.

Once you’ve clicked “Start Listening” on Forgotify here you’ll be given a page that looks like this.

Click the top left play button to hear a sample of the track. If you like it click “Play on Spotify” and it’ll open Spotify and play the full track.

If you don’t like it click Next and you’ll be given another track to hear a sample of.

If you want to listen to some music we put together for the Inner Circle check out our playlists below.

This only really works if you have Spotify installed on your computer, otherwise, you only get the first 20 seconds or so. Find out more about getting Spotify in the links below.

Mike =)