You might have noticed that now and then I’ve let Mike go on holiday or take the odd day off – I must be getting soft as I get older… Anyway, it turns out that he still wants to have time off now and then in the future – and like most people occasionally he gets the dreaded lurgi.
Between us we’ve managed to answer all the questions on the Clubroom and keep everything ticking along, but I’ve got a bit nervous – what if he’s away for two weeks and I get ill… or vice versa.  So I’d like to introduce you to Jess, who’s also going to start helping out now and then.  You might have already spoken to her if you’ve ever rung up to order a book (and she’s even helped with actually producing a few of the books)… anyway, here’s what Jess has to say:

Hi I’m Jess and I’ll be helping out with the Inner Circle from time to time.

I’ve been working at The Helpful Book Company for almost 2 years now, I originally started in Customer Services but now I do a bit of editing, a bit of book-keeping and the monthly Payroll too! I love to keep busy and I like learning new things, it keeps my mind ticking over!
I also teach dance classes in the evenings to local children. I trained as a professional dancer at school in Tring, Hertforshire so it’s lovely to pass on some of my knowledge to the next generation.

I have 2 gorgeous Springer Spaniels at home that absolutely love long walks on the beach, cuddles in the evening and food, also three of my favourite things too! They can be a little crazy, like the time they pulled over a shelving unit and trapped themselves in the outhouse and were stuck there till I got home from work 3 hours later!

I love going fishing with my partner, we even compete in the odd fishing competition now and again! Last year we went to Drummore in Scotland where we fished for a few days and caught some really nice fish. This year we’ve been to Norway where I caught my Personal Best Cod weighing 11lb 7oz. We also saw the Northern Lights which was absolutely amazing! I love being outdoors so fishing is perfect for me!

These are my crazy Spaniels, Sam (liver and white) and Harley (black and white). Unfortunately, Harley developed Epilepsy and sadly lost his battle with it in November 2018. Sam wasn’t coping very well on his own so we rescued another Springer called Leeland.

This is Leeland:

Here’s some pictures of me dancing:


Here’s the 11lb 7oz Cod that I caught in Norway: (it went safely back into the sea)

And here’s the Northern Lights that we saw from our apartment: