Hi everyone,

Jess here, I realised the other day that I haven’t posted in the Journal section for a while. I’ve been quite busy doing a bit of editing on the Tablet’s Made Simple course (I hope those of you that enrolled in the course are enjoying it) and helping out in Customer Services covering holidays etc.

I got a new phone!

A few weeks ago I had a text from EE (my mobile network provider) letting me know that I could upgrade my phone for free. It couldn’t have come at a better time as my phone was on its way out! It had been restarting itself for the past few weeks and it had a problem going from one wi-fi connection to another, so every time I left work and went home, I had to restart it. This doesn’t sound too major but considering I come to work in the morning (1 restart at work), then I go home for my lunch (1 restart at home and 1 restart at work), then I go home when my workday has finished (1 restart when I get home), it soon adds up, and if I forget to restart it then I could miss out on phone calls (signal is rubbish in this area so I rely heavily on wi-fi calling from EE) and messages. So the text from EE about upgrading was a huge relief.

Next, I had to figure out which phone I wanted to upgrade to. I had quite a few different phones in mind but here were the main features that I was looking for:

  • Good camera – I take lots of pictures using my phone (mostly of my dogs), and my partner and I like to travel so we document our travels through photos.
  • Lots of memory – to cope with all the photos I take.
  • A decent size screen – I watch quite a lot of YouTube videos and Netflix so a bigger screen would be nice.
  • Good battery life – to last long enough to watch films and YouTube videos.
  • Preferably Android – just personal preference really.

This narrowed it down to two phones, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ or the OnePlus 7 Pro. Both have really good cameras, lots of memory, a decent size screen, good battery life and both run on Android. The only thing that was different was that one company is more recognised than the other. This isn’t generally an issue but I always feel a bit safer going with a company that I’ve known about for a long time. So I decided to go for the Samsung Galaxy. Whilst ordering I noticed a special offer (I’m a sucker for these) which included more data for the same price. I love a good bargain so I went for that option, only to realise it wasn’t available for the phone I wanted. Back to the drawing board!

I then had a look at a new Samsung phone that had just been released, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, very similar to the S10+ but it has 5G capability, not that Millom will be getting 5G anytime soon. But I do a lot of travelling so 5G could come in handy. So I went with the S10 5G and I can safely say it is brilliant! The camera (or should I say cameras – it has 6!!) is beyond amazing and I still haven’t figured out what all the different settings and modes do. Then there’s the battery life, a full charge takes only an hour and lasts for an average of two days. The screen is a whopping 6.7″ which puts my old Sony Xperia to shame as it had a 5.2″ screen. It’ll take me a long time to fill up the 256MB internal memory space with photos of my two dogs, but I’ll certainly give it a good go! All in all, I’m very pleased with my upgrade and I’m sure on my next travels it’ll be just what I need. Which leads me nicely onto….

I’m off for a few days

Every now and then I like to take a few days off to go on my travels. This year we’re heading up to a small village called Portpatrick in Dumfries. We’ve been going up to Dumfries for the past few years now and we absolutely love it up there. We do a lot of sea fishing and we love exploring new places and it’s just so beautiful up there!

So whilst I’m off, you might be wondering who will be answering questions on the Clubroom? Tim’s off on his holidays with Julie and the boys, they’ve gone over to Australia for 4 weeks to visit family, and Mike has left but thankfully Laura has volunteered to help out as best she can. She’s asked me to ask you all to go easy on her as she’s never really done anything like this before. Most of you will have spoken to Laura on the phone at some point as she’s been working here at The Helpful Book Company for over 10 years now! She’s the Operations Manager so she’s in charge of how the business runs on a day to day basis (and she’s very good at it!).

I’ll be back in work on the 1st of August, so if you have any problems whilst I’m away, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the Clubroom and Laura will get back to you as soon as she can.

Take care all and I hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather we’ve been having over the past few days,

Jess 🙂