Okay so this is just a short one today, but I think it’s an important update for all you Inner Circle members.

So what’s the problem?

A few of you have told us that you are experiencing a 500 error or 502 error when accessing the site, or telling you that you have already posted that comment. I have looked into it on our end and the company that hosts our websites have said that it’s their computers that host our website that is having a problem. This same problem is also causing the website to load slowly at times.

When will it be fixed?

Unfortunately, they could not provide us with an ETA of the fix but they have apologized for any trouble this is causing.

What can you do?

There’s one thing you can do if you do experience any of these errors, I’ve listed it below:

  • Refresh the webpage

As simple as that, it should refresh and be back up for you to look about the Inner Circle and ask any questions.

I expect this should be fixed quickly.

Sorry for any inconvenience.