How to get the most out of the Windows key

This article is for: anyone with a Windows computer.

Did you know that there are loads of handy shortcuts that involve the Windows key on the keyboard?  These can be very handy if you’re struggling with the mouse or touchpad, or if your taskbar has disappeared for some reason.  They can also save you a bit of time if you get into the habit of using them regularly. There are far too many to list here, but I’ve rounded up the ones that I find really useful:

Tap on the Windows key: opens (and closes) the Start menu.

For the rest of these, you hold down the Windows key while you tap the other key(s).

Windows and I: Opens the Settings app.

Windows and E: Opens File Explorer.

Windows and N: Opens your notifications panel on the right.

Windows and L: Locks your screen.

Windows and A: Opens the Quick Settings in the bottom right.

Windows and S: Opens the Search box on the taskbar.

Windows and Shift and S: Opens the Snipping tool so you can take a screenshot.

Windows and the Up arrow: Maximises your current window.

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