Tom and Colin the dog
Tom and Colin the Dog

Just a quick one from me – in the immortal words of Douglas Adams “so long, and thanks for all the fish!”

You might all know me as backwards-hat-guy, or the-one-with-the-dog, or some other name… but my real name is Tom, and I’ve enjoyed several happy years working for The Helpful Book Company.

I worked predominantly on the Inner Circle, getting to know you all, answering your questions, writing articles (much harder than I expected), and generally learning more about IT than I ever expected to when I started the job.

It’s been great chatting with you all, but also working with the team here at Helpful Books who are fantastic bunch of eggs to the last, and extremely talented at what they do!

As you may have guessed by all this preamble, I’m off to pastures new very soon – the 12th September in fact – so thanks to everyone, customers and staff, who’ve made my time at Helpful Books so enjoyable.

Thank you, and all the best.
Tom 🙂