We’ve been busy behind the scenes over the summer, beavering away to make the Inner Circle more useful and easier to find your way around.

If you’ve had a question to ask us over the past few weeks, you’ve probably already used our new Clubroom. But we’ve been busy updating the Library, too.

Changes to the Clubroom

Our Clubroom has had a full overhaul this year, and we really hope you like it!

  • Replacing the long list of comments, each question (and its answer) has its own page. That should make it much easier to find again.
  • You can browse a list of question subjects to see if anything looks interesting or helpful. Maybe you’ve got your own pearl of wisdom to pass on, a piece of kit to recommend or just want to say “I’ve got that problem too!”
  • The new Clubroom is also fully searchable(Hurrah!) You can either search for a particular topic, or search for your name to find questions that you’ve asked on the Clubroom.

You can get stuck straight in. Or if you want to find out a bit more about it, Kathryn has recorded a short video to show you around and Mike has written a Journal post all about it.

Changes to the Library

Over the years, we’ve gradually added more and more articles, videos and eBooks to the Library – and it had got very difficult to actually find anything. We’ve tried a few tweaks lately to try and improve things, but it needed a full rethink.

So this time, we’ve rebuilt the Library from the ground up.

The new Library is split into three sections: eBooks, Quick Guides and Video Guides.

  • In the eBooks section, you find all our usual eBooks – all in one place, so you don’t have to go hunting for them.
  • The Quick Guides section is where you’ll find the bulk of our articles, neatly organised by topic.
  • Written articles are all well and good, but sometimes it’s just easier to show you – and that’s where our Video Guides come in. These are short video tutorials to guide you through the trickier bits…

You can either browse the Library by topic, or search all our eBooks, Quick Guides and Video Guides using the Library search box. You can search the Library directly from the Inner Circle Home page or from the Library home page.

Robin has been through all the articles and carefully updated and sorted them to make them as useful as possible 🙂

What’s happened to the Cinema?

The Cinema was the part of our website that you used to go to to find the latest episode of “Inner Circle TV”, along with the occasional extra little video that one of us had recorded.

Inner Circle TV certainly had its moments, but we decided over the summer to let it slip into a quiet retirement – to be replaced by regular additions to the Video Guides section of our shiny new Library.

You can still watch the old episodes if you like in the Cinema Archive (you can find a link to this archive at the bottom of the Library home page).

Searching the Inner Circle

Gone is the main search box at the top of your screen. Instead, there are two separate ways to search the Inner Circle:

  1. To search the Clubroom, click or tap on the box with a magnifying glass in at the top of the main clubroom page. You can search by key word, or type in your own name to find questions that you’ve asked previously.
  2. To search the Library, use the search box on the Inner Circle home page or the Library home page. If you’re using a computer or large tablet, you’ll also have a small copy of the search box in the top right of your screen while you’re reading Library articles.

Both of these searches work a lot better than the old one, and should bring you back much more helpful results.

I hope you enjoy these changes – we’d love to know what you think! You can leave us a message on the Clubroom, or drop us an email to [email protected]

Thank you 🙂