If you’re having trouble receiving our emails, it might help to add us to your webmail address book

Add our details to your address book

Adding our contact details to your webmail address books will help us deliver important emails about this website to you, new passwords, any urgent website status updates and replies to your comments…
Here are the email addresses to add to your contacts (I’ll explain how in a moment)…

[email protected]   –  This is where the monthly password for the Inner Circle is sent from, and any notice of replies to your comments.
[email protected]   –  This is where the weekly emails from us come from.

Here’s how to add a contact

Every webmail provider has slightly different instructions for how to add a contact, so we’ve written an in-depth Library article about it here.

But I don’t use webmail

I read my email in an app / Thunderbird / Outlook Mail App / Other, do I still need to add a contact to the webmail bit?

Yes please! If you’re struggling to receive emails from a company then the best place to add the email address is in your webmail address book. This is because as your email comes into the email provider (Gmail, Outlook.com etc…), it’s checked against the list of email addresses you’ve saved with them.  If the email address is in your webmail address book, your email provider will definitely find it.  If it’s saved somewhere else, it might not.

Need more help?

If you’ve tried adding us to your address book and you’re still not getting our emails, please contact us. You can find our full contact details here.

Top Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash