How to add email addresses to your online address book

In this How-To Guide I’ll show you why you should and how you can add a contact to your webmail address book…

Why would I want to add someone to my address book

There are a couple of reasons:

  1. You get emails sent to you from a company (like ours).  You want to make sure you actually get all the emails they send you.  If you’re struggling to receive emails from a company it could be that your email provider is marking them as spam.  If you’ve saved the address to your webmail address book, then it’s much less likely to be marked as spam.
  2. You know the person and you want to have their contact details handy, which also helps with email auto fill when you write a new email

I don’t use webmail

I read my email in an app / Thunderbird / Outlook Mail App / Other, do I still need to add a contact to the Webmail bit?

If you’re struggling to receive emails from a company then the best place to add the email address is in your Webmail address book. This is because as your email comes into the email provider (gmail, etc…), it’s checked against the list of email addresses you’ve saved with them.  If the email address is in your webmail address book, your email provider will definitely find it.  If it’s saved somewhere else, it might not.

Add our details to your address book

So what I would love is if you added our contact details to your address books… This will help us deliver important emails about this website to you, new passwords, any urgent website status updates and replies to your comments…
Why not add the following email addresses to your contacts (I’ll show you how in a moment)…

[email protected]   –  This is where the monthly password for the Inner Circle come from, and any notice of replies to your comments.
[email protected]   –  This is where the weekly emails from us come from.

Go on then, show me how to add a contact

I’m sorry to say that every Webmail provider has slightly different instructions, pick your email provider below and follow the link / instructions to add a contact. See below for some contacts to add if you don’t have any at the moment.

  • I have Gmail (Google Mail)
    Gmail has excellent help on contacts which you can read here
    You go to the Contacts page here and click “Add new” which is a + button in the bottom right. Then add a name and email and any other details you want. You sometimes have to click “Create” to actually make a new contact. And sometimes it’ll search public names to give you options. You can generally ignore these.
  • I have Yahoo Mail
    You can add a contact to the Yahoo Mail address by going to and clicking the “New Contact” button which is in the top right of the webpage. Fill out their details and click Save which is at the bottom of the page.
    You can read more and see screen shots here.
  • I have (previously known as, Hotmail or MSN email)
    Head over to and click on the “new” button which is along the top menu inside the website. It also has a + sign next to it  “(+) New”. Fill in the contact details and click on “Save”. The save button is at the top of the screen.
  • I have BT Mail (The new one, not the old BT Yahoo one)
    BT Mail has an excellent help page on this subject which you can read here. In BT Mail select “Contacts” from the top menu on the webpage, then “New contact” in the sub menu below this. There are screen shots on the BT Mail help page.
  • I use a different email provider
    Drop us a note in the comments below or in The Clubroom if you have a different email Webmail provider and we can link / give instructions on adding a contact.

I tried all these on Windows 10, using Chrome. If you are using a tablet or an App or a different method/web browser then the instructions / how things look might be a little different.
If you’ve tried adding us to your address book and you’re still not getting our emails, please contact us. You can find our full contact details here.

Top Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash