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Whether you’re using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, there are all sorts of useful tools around to make your life easier.

Keyboard Shortcut: Smiley Faces 🐱‍💻and ‘Âç’ type symbols

Applies to Windows 10 You know how when you type on a smartphone keyboard, you get a whole raft of smiley (emoji) faces and symbols? Well… Microsoft has updated their version of this, if you’re running Windows 10 you can… Continue Reading →

The New Edge for Windows 10

Microsoft is launching a new version of their web browser Edge, it isn’t going to change much at all, but just in case you notice some things changing here is what’s happening. Windows 10 computers come with a built in… Continue Reading →

Fix Microsoft Edge Clearing history/logging out of websites when you close it

In some very rare cases, Microsoft Edge is clearing the history and logging out of websites every time you close it. Only follow these instructions if you think this is happening to you. If you are unsure come and ask… Continue Reading →

Simple folder sharing in Windows 10

Brief intro: A rough guide to sharing folders across a network (if you have two PCs and want to share files). Applies to: Windows 10, when you have two or more PCs on the same local network (this is usually… Continue Reading →

Video HowTo: Using “Dark Mode” on Android & Apple devices

Applies to: Everyone. Apple/Android devices. Update: It looks like the video has got a bit fuzzy somewhere along the way. I’m working on fixing this soon. I’ll update here when it’s done. Sorry! What is Dark Mode? Despite its name,… Continue Reading →

HowTo: Taking Notes on a phone/PC. What I’ve been learning from Tim…

Before Tim left there were a few things I wanted to learn from him, mostly fairly dull things about databases (I joked I was going to put a banner up in my office: “What Would Tim Do” with a picture… Continue Reading →

ebook: Backing Up Demystified

Keeping good backups is crucial unless you wouldn’t mind losing all your files, photos and wotnot if your computer or device bit the dust. But there are so many different ways to back up your files… and some can be… Continue Reading →

How To Use The Snipping Tool or “Snip & Sketch”

Updated: 27/03/2020 Applies to – anyone who uses a computer or laptop running Windows 7 or above Microsoft are in the process of replacing the old “Snipping Tool” on Windows 10 with a new app called “Snip & Sketch”.  You… Continue Reading →

Beeping Computer – Making your computer beep when you press Caps Lock…

Want to make your computer BEEP! when you press the Caps Lock key? Then this is the post for you. Applies to: Windows 10. Older versions of Windows can also BEEP. If you have an older version of Windows let… Continue Reading →

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