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On this page, we’ve pulled together lots of help for iPads and other tablets.

Video HowTo: Using “Dark Mode” on Android & Apple devices

Applies to: Everyone. Apple/Android devices. Update: It looks like the video has got a bit fuzzy somewhere along the way. I’m working on fixing this soon. I’ll update here when it’s done. Sorry! What is Dark Mode? Despite its name,… Continue Reading →

ebook: Backing Up Demystified

Keeping good backups is crucial unless you wouldn’t mind losing all your files, photos and wotnot if your computer or device bit the dust. But there are so many different ways to back up your files… and some can be… Continue Reading →

Anti-virus & Anti-malware explained

Anti-virus explained First things first, I’ll start off with a few definitions that will help you understand anti-virus software: Malware – Short for malicious software.  Any type of software designed to cause damage, including spyware, viruses, ransomware, trojans and worms…. Continue Reading →

How-To: Disable Unused Apps in Android (ones that you can’t uninstall)

Updated: 27/03/20 Applies to: All versions of Android tablets/smartphones. If you have an Apple iPhone/iPad drop us a message on The Clubroom and we will do our best to help. In this How-To guide, I’m going to talk through uninstalling… Continue Reading →

How Airplane Mode can save your battery…

Updated: 27/03/20 Applies to: Anyone who uses a smartphone or tablet out and about, and is worried about saving the battery The guy at the airport races around desperately looking for a power socket. We all shuffle on our seats… Continue Reading →

ebook: Best Of 2017

At the end of 2017, Tim put some of the best things he’d written together to make a shortish book. You might even have had a (paper) copy at the time. But in case you didn’t get one, don’t despair! … Continue Reading →

ebook: How to Control Your Tablet

Tablets are great – they’re easier to carry than laptops, handy to use when out and about or just great for browsing the web on a comfy sofa. They do work differently, though, so if you’re used to a laptop,… Continue Reading →

ebook: Staying Safe Online

[Updated 14/5/20] Applies To: PCs and Tablets & Smartphones (Android or iOS).This free e-book covers the following: Spam & Scam emails Viruses Spyware Adware Fake Programs Phone Scams And more… Once you understand it and know what to do, it’s… Continue Reading →

Dealing with Accounts on More Than One Device

Updated 23/4/20 This article is mostly for people who use more than one device, for example, a laptop and a tablet, or a tablet and a phone.  The first bit’s handy for everyone, though… An account belongs to you, not… Continue Reading →

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