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On this page, we’ve pulled together various articles and ebooks to help you keep your devices and your information secure.

Fake news on social media

There’s a common quote (often falsely attributed to Mark Twain) that goes something like “A lie can make it halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on”.  And in these days of social media where a… Continue Reading →

Fix Microsoft Edge Clearing history/logging out of websites when you close it

In some very rare cases, Microsoft Edge is clearing the history and logging out of websites every time you close it. Only follow these instructions if you think this is happening to you. If you are unsure come and ask… Continue Reading →

How-To: Disable the Internet in Windows 7

This is a very quick (no-frills) how-to guide to show an Inner Circle member how to disable the internet in Windows 7. With pictures! If you want to keep using Windows 7 (if you have a printer/scanner that won’t run… Continue Reading →

How-To: Share your live location with friends and family

Brief Intro: How to share your location with friends and family using a smartphone/Tablet using a variety of messaging Apps. Applies to: Android & Apple Smartphones/Tablets. If you want to share a live location from your laptop, drop us a… Continue Reading →

Peaches and Spam. Text 7726 to report Spam text messages

My landlady, Monica is staying in the flat below mine for a few weeks and we got talking, about my favourite subject, food! I was going to the shops and she asked me to get her a can of sliced… Continue Reading →

Surfing at WARP speed. (Apple/Android App)

Brief Intro: Mike takes a look at a new app that promises to speed up and secure mobile Internet. He gives it a try but does he recommend it… Level: Medium/Advanced I love Star Trek, I’m not a massive fan,… Continue Reading →

Never Secure! A handy tip for using public WiFi

Brief intro: When connecting to hotel/public WiFi you have to tick that you’ve read 10,000 words of T&Cs, but sometimes you can’t get to this page, this tip fixes that. Level: Everyone. As well as doing things here at Helpful… Continue Reading →

Anti-virus & Anti-malware explained

Anti-virus explained First things first, I’ll start off with a few definitions that will help you understand anti-virus software: Malware – Short for malicious software.  Any type of software designed to cause damage, including spyware, viruses, ransomware, trojans and worms…. Continue Reading →

Two-factor Authentication: Not as Scary as it Sounds

What is two-factor authentication? Two-factor authentication sounds scarily technical, but at its simplest it’s just proving who you are using two different methods. It’s not actually anything new either, for example when you get money out of a cash machine… Continue Reading →

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