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If you’re looking for help with a wifi printer, Amazon Alexa, a Chromecast or some other fancy bit of kit – have a look through our articles here.

ebook: Best Of 2017

At the end of 2017, Tim put some of the best things he’d written together to make a shortish book. You might even have had a (paper) copy at the time. But in case you didn’t get one, don’t despair! … Continue Reading →

Chromecast – how to set one up and use it.

Updated 24/4/20 Sometimes it’s easier to share a funny video with your friends on a bigger screen or show them your holiday pictures on a screen they can all see, rather than all huddling around the tiny screen on your… Continue Reading →

How-To: Control a Fire Stick

Hello. If you’ve never heard of a Fire Stick before, it’s something you can use to turn a normal TV into a “smart” TV, and you can watch online “catch up” programmes on it. They’re made by Amazon and you… Continue Reading →

Mike’s Tip: How often should I restart…

Applies to: Everyone Sometimes things just need restarting. It’s a fact of the digital age we live in. Here I list some common (and uncommon) everyday items and how often I restart them. A word of warning before you go… Continue Reading →

Guest Post From Grace. Wearable Technology, from Fitbits to dog tracking…

This post comes from our work experience person Grace – thank you Grace! Hi I’m Grace…. I am 14 and I am on work experience. At school I have chosen to take geography, PE and health and social.  What is… Continue Reading →

Top Troubleshooting Tips – WiFi Printers

When I set out to write about WiFi printing, I never imagined how many differences between printer manufacturers, frustrating problems, complicated setup procedures and “just totally disconnected from the network for no reason” problems I would find! And if you… Continue Reading →

Get your technology ready for Christmas…

You have a list of presents to buy, turkey in the freezer, an emergency backup Nut Roast next to it, crackers ready with 3 minutes warning and more mince pies than Father Christmas has left over on Boxing Day! Phew,… Continue Reading →

A button to order toilet paper… quick as a dash?

Last updated: 11/05/20 Applies to: Amazon Prime UK – This is not an advert to join Amazon Prime, and I won’t be getting a Dash Button any time soon. You know the feeling, you run out of toilet paper, laundry… Continue Reading →

How-To: Stop a Printer Printing…

Applies to: Windows 10. (Some steps apply to any printer on any Operating System.) “Opps I just sent a 300 page document to the printer, but I only wanted page 258”. This is the cry I didn’t hear across our… Continue Reading →

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