Applies to: Everyone. Apple/Android devices.

Update: It looks like the video has got a bit fuzzy somewhere along the way. I’m working on fixing this soon. I’ll update here when it’s done. Sorry!

What is Dark Mode?

Despite its name, Dark Mode doesn’t turn your device into a sinister monster or start playing the latest BBC 4 police crime drama from Sweden. But it does turn the majority of the app/the screen to a darker colour

It’s also sometimes known as a dark theme but is different from Night Mode (not covered in this article).

The idea is that it’s “kinder” on your eyes. And certainly, for me, it really is much nicer. I’m using it on the Google Keep app as I type this (more on Google Keep here).

Example of an App in both Light and Dark mode

What does the science say?

I’ve had a chat with Julie, our in house goto person about science (she wrote the Life and Health series of articles), and I’ve had a read of a few different articles (links below), and our totally unscientific conclusion is that it isn’t better for your eyes.

However, for us, it’s much much nicer to look at than the glaring white screen.

Which apps have Dark Mode?

Not all apps have the option to enable dark mode. However, these are some popular ones:

Does Dark Mode work on a PC/laptop?

Some programs and websites offer a dark theme, it’s not something I’m going to cover here, but if you have a program or website you use often and find the light mode too much, drop us a message and we’ll look into it for you.

Does Dark Mode help save battery life?

Much like the hype about it saving your eyes, there are mixed reports, from what I can tell it might give you a few more minutes battery life, but nothing dramatic. Certainly nothing like my 12hrs using aeroplane mode.

How do I enable Dark Mode?

I’ve put together a quick video (below) which covers some apps.

However, each app is slightly different. In Android, the settings are usually found in
Menu > Settings > Theme > Dark/Light mode. On iOS (Apple) devices it’s 1 setting for the whole device and is found in Settings > Display & Brightness > Dark Mode.

How-To Video:

00.35 Android: Google Chrome
02.45 Android: Keep Notes
03.45 Android: CastBox
05.36 Apple Devices (iOS13+)
06.45 Apple Devices – Automatic Dark Mode (iOS13+)
07.20 Apple Devices – A selection of Apps which support Dark Mode
08.30 Thank you =)

Works best if you click the full-screen option, hover over the video and click the grey dashed square in the bottom right corner of the video

Having problems? Watch on YouTube here

I’ve only had time to cover a couple of apps in the video, but lots of apps support Dark Mode. If you have an app and you want to know if it supports it then drop us a note on The Club Room and we’ll have a look into it for you.

Mike =)

P.S. These are the articles I read from WIRED magazine (you get 3 free articles to read a month from WIRED).
Dark mode isn’t as good for your eyes as you believe” | WIRED UK
Switch to Dark Mode to give your eyes a break” WIRED UK
I love WIRED magazine, it has a great selection of articles about new technology, science and online security.