I’ve written this article to clear up the differences between the Spotify mobile app (for a tablet/phone) and the Spotify desktop program (used on a desktop PC or laptop).  You’d think that the free version of the service would have the same features, whatever the device… but it doesn’t, and there it is.

Dictionary of Spotify language used in this post:

Mobile App: The Spotify App installed on tablets or smartphones

Spotify Website: The Spotify website accessed either on a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) or on a desktop or laptop PC

Spotify Desktop Program: The Spotify player on a desktop or laptop PC

Free: This is the free version of Spotify, it’s the same app/program as the premium version but without the paid subscription and with a lot less features

List of common features

 Thing Mobile App Desktop Program or Website  Notes
Play just the track you want to listen to Paid version only Yes
Add track to playlist Yes Yes Free Mobile App will play random tracks as well
Play Playlist Yes Yes
Play tracks in an order you want to Paid version only Yes
Queue tracks to play next (even if not int he current playing playlist) Paid version only Yes
Has Adverts Yes (not paid version) Yes Mobile adverts seem to have more video ones
Can Skip tracks you don’t want to listen to Paid version only Yes Desktop: limited skips, but quite a high limit
Listen offline (no internet connection) Paid version only Paid

So it’s my opinion it’s not really worth using the free mobile app! Unless of course, you are happy to listen to large playlists on shuffle (not selecting which track comes next) or happy to listen to what Spotify recommends.


How-To add a track to a playlist (Mobile App)

(For how to make a playlist on the Desktop version, see this article.)

  1. Open the App
  2. Find the track you want (it has to be an actual track and not an artist)
  3. Tap and hold (or press the three dots) on the track and select “Add to playlist” then either create a new one or choose an existing one

  4. Tap on “add to playlist” or if it’s already in a playlist tap on “Add to Another Playlist”
  5. Select the playlist you want to add it to

    (Just tap on it)
  6. To play this playlist (if you have the free version it will also play similar music) Tap on “Your Library” in the bottom right of the screen
  7. Tap “Playlists” on that screen
  8. Tap the playlist you want to play, then click “Shuffle Play” or the green play button.
  9. That’s it, unless you have the paid for version you can’t skip tracks or choose the track you want unless you use the desktop version. Sorry!

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