Applies To: Everyone.
It has happened again, I got a phone call from a “Microsoft Registered Partner”…

The Scam Attempt



0:00 Hello is that Mr Mike?
I’m calling about your computer, we are getting error messages from your computer
Oh, what type of error messages?
Are you in front of your computer?
Yes, but what error messages please?
Which computer is this work or home?
Home (I was sat watching TV actually, but they don’t need to know)
We are a registered partner of Microsoft and your computer is not taking important driver updates (Errrmmmmmm right)
Oh OK, that sounds bad
Yes, we can do a quick check on your computer in front of you now
Oh OK, that sounds good thank you, what do you need me to do
How old are you?
Why does that matter?
Are you a teenager?
What is this about please?
2.21 [Hangs up]

So, it’s all very strange! I have no idea what would have happened next, but I suspect something like this one which happened last time….
Remember Microsoft, or any actual registered partner of Microsoft will not ring you unless you have made contact first.
If in doubt hang up.
My advice, take five, and hang up!
Stay Safe