photoscan_app_picApplies to: Smartphones (including iPhones) & Tablets (including iPads) – doesn’t work on some older devices.

You know that big stack of photos in the loft? The ones in the shoe box at the bottom of the cupboard and those ones on the wall you always wanted a copy of?

Introducing, PhotoScan from Google. This app promises not just to take a “Photo of a Photo” but rather 5 photos of 1 photo, merged together to give 1 high-quality photo.

How does it work?

You take several photos of the photo you want to ‘scan’ and the app figures out the best way to merge them together to give the highest quality copy.

The app then saves 1 copy of the image to your device and you are ready to save it forever / email it to a friend or share it on Facebook! To be honest the video from Google below describes it better than I could. The app is free.

Get the App

Follow this link to get it for your device:

Available for an iPhone / iPad (Apple) as well as Android phones / tablets.

Watch the video

Or watch the video here if that didn’t work.

As ever, if you have any questions or want to know more just pop a comment below, or leave a message on The Clubroom.
Happy Snapping
Mike 🙂