WiFi, we all use it, but it’s naming is a little confusing. I mean “802.11ax” is it version 24 of  802.11a  (x is the 24th letter in the alphabet). Or is it some totally new version which old devices won’t support*?
So what’s happening. Well the people who make the decisions about WiFi (the Wi-Fi Alliance) have come up with a new naming convention, they are going to go with version numbers. So the new version of WiFi, previously called “802.11ax” will now be called “WiFi 6”, they are also going to rename some older versions…
Here is a handy conversion table for you, what could be simpler…

Old Name
New Name
802.11 n/a
802.11a n/a
802.11b n/a
802.11g n/a
802.11n WiFi 4
802.11ac WiFi 5
802.11ax WiFi 6

Why they started the new name at WiFi 4 I have no idea (Tim asked if it was because the first one on the list would have been “WiFi 0” because we all know numbering starts at 0, so geeky 🙂 ). But I guess it’s better then the old names!
So if you buy a new WiFi router and it says “Compatible with WiFi 4 & 5” but your old laptop only has a “WiFi 802.11g” Wireless card you can know they won’t talk to each other!
The new logos will look something like this:

As ever if you have any questions drop them below or on The Clubroom.
Mike 🙂
*It’s a new version that old devices won’t support.
Via engadget