I’m going to be helping Mike and Jess out with some Clubroom questions over the next few weeks.  I joined Helpful Books almost a year ago as an editor and since then I’ve been working on our online courses, Making the Miles Fade and Technology Help is at Hand.  Those of you who’ve used our Smartphones Made Simple video course will have heard my voice on several of those videos – so hello again!

Before coming to Helpful Books, I worked for another publishing company in the Lakes, making revision guides and workbooks for school students – mainly French, English, Drama and History.  I’ve also worked as a barmaid, a waitress, an English teaching assistant in France (never again), a tour guide, and a customer service rep on the electric goods returns desk at Tesco.  So I’m used to dealing with misbehaving technology!

Some bits about me:

I’m a massive bookworm – to the point where we’ve made our attic room into a little book nook where I can curl up and get lost in a novel:

The bean bag chairs I curl up on aren’t pictured, sadly.

I fell in love with swing dancing at university, and have become a huge fan of the lindy hop, charleston, collegiate shag (steady there… it’s a type of dance!) and balboa.  So if you’re a fan of Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie or Lionel Hampton, I’m your girl!  

This was at a Swing Ball in Hull a couple of years ago – there are events all year around, all over the country.

My partner and I decided to try bouldering about a year ago and we’re now hooked – you can usually find us at Kendal Climbing Wall at the weekend (although not at the moment, obviously).  We’re quite spoiled, living in the Lakes, with so many beautiful walks and climbing routes practically on our doorstep:

This is the Pudding Stone near Coniston – if you look closely, you can see my partner scrambling up the right hand side in a bright green jacket!

I also like to knit (although I’ve never tried crochet) but I still have to call my mum occasionally so she can explain the pattern to me…

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all, if you have any questions just leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to you!

Kathryn 🙂