Machovka-Strengthen-800pxWelcome to another Weekend (ish) Reading post, bringing you the latest technology updates from the past week (and a bit).
This week we are looking at Health and Fitness related technology. In other totally unrelated news I have been a little ill this week, but no time for me to sit around feeling sorry for myself…
From bands that track your heart rate, to what Google is doing to keep us active, we take a look at what is out there.
Health Apps

  • Google have updated their Fitness Tracking app “Google Fit”, read more or get the app (for Apple and Android devices)
  • A Wide aray of Apps “tried and tested” by users. I have not come across this site before, but it might be helpful. One of the Apps promoted was a “Large phone dialler” for people who are visually impaired. Check out Apps which might help you (for all devices)
  • Apps as described by the NHS – NHS Choices

Health and Fitness Products

cyclist-penguin-800pxOther Health Related stuff

Hope you had a lovely, healthy weekend
Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, you should do your own research on anything mentioned here if you plan to use it. You should consult a medical professional before any change. We take no responsibility for the content of external websites, sorry.