Update: We’ve done this update now, please let us know if you spot anything odd/broken on the site and we’ll look into it right away.

You can use The Clubroom and the rest of the site as normal. We’re still working on the password issues we’ve had but hopefully this update will stop the website breaking as much as it has been.

I’ll leave this post in the Journal for anyone who is interested. Thank you


Hello, we’re doing some important updates to the website which means we need to take this website offline for a couple of hours.

We’re doing these upgrades on Wednesday the 26th August between 10 and 12.

We’re really sorry but you won’t be able to browse the website, leave comments or read comments/replies on the Clubroom during this time.

You’ll still be able to email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to show a friendly message during the whole maintenance window, but you might spot the odd problem when we do the final switchover.

I’ll update the top of this article when we’re done and it’s all back up and running.

Geek Stuff

Want to know what we’re doing? Here it is in more detail:

The website runs software called WordPress which has a database element.

The website bit (WordPress) and the Database bit (MySQL) is currently running on some hardware that’s managed by our hosting provider (TSO). They manage the database bit and the website bit.

What we’re doing:

  • Taking a copy of the website from our current hosting provider (TSO). It’s a lot of files!
  • Upload the website to the new hosting provider which promises to give more power and more reliability.
  • Update WordPress to version to 5.5 (Currently we’re on 5.4, this is much like a Windows Update process).
  • Updating some extras that we use (Plugins) which might fix the problem we’ve been having with the password, or not?

What happens if it goes wrong? We’ll move back to the current hosting provider and try again another day!

Why are we doing this?

You might have noticed we’ve had some problems with the websites being offline recently (it was offline on and off today, the longest time it was offline was 30 minutes, but mostly it’s been off for a few minutes at a time which is frustrating.

So we’re moving away from them, but to do this we have to download the whole of the Inner Circle website (it’s big!) files, photos blog posts etc… and the database bit and upload it to the new hosting provider, which takes some time, probably around an hour!

During this time we can’t let comments be added as it would be unclear which version of the website they were added to and might be lost.

Then we’re going to do some testing, I’ve already moved the Test website we use and that’s up and running, but we need to test the real one too.

Even More?

Get in touch with Mike if you want to know even more detail on what we’re doing and how it all works! Ask about DNS! Domain Names and Cloudflare!

Hope to see you back on a more reliable Inner Circle website soon!

As ever, any questions just let me know. Many thanks