Brief intro: We had a brief power cut and no one noticed…

Our lights have just gone off and came back on again after about a second here at Helpful Books HQ.

But no one noticed! Or at least we noticed the lights flicker, but we didn’t have any other side-effects, our PCs didn’t restart, the server didn’t complain and crash horribly, the internet connection didn’t disconnect, and we didn’t lose any unsaved work…

That’s because each PC has it’s own battery backup attached to it. They don’t give us long, so if the power is out for 30 minutes or longer then we have to shut everything down. But they give us a few minutes to save any work we’re working on and shut down the PC.

We use APC Back-UPS backup packs (either the 400 or 700 version depending on what we’re running on it, the higher the number the longer ity lasts), which are probably a bit overkill for home use. We have all our important stuff connected to them, our broadband router, server and desktop PCs. This keeps us on the internet for about 30 minutes to finish what we’re doing safely.

Here’s the one plugged in next to Jess. When the power goes out for more than a few seconds it starts beeping so you know you need to do something (in our case save our work and shut the PC down).

Our phones have a backup supply of their own and should (hopefully) last a bit longer, but I’ve never tested this.

I’d just like to thank my past self from 2018 for buying some battery backups!

Mike =)

* The Amazon link I’ve included might give us some money if you use it to buy anything from Amazon, but it doesn’t change the price or what products we talk about.