I’ve just been pottering in the warehouse here at Helpful HQ and the news came on about Samsung’s mishap this morning (Thursday 20th Feb). Laura and Jade, who work here, were listening to the radio too and said that they both had this strange message on their Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. So we thought we’d let you know how to find out more…

The notification on their phones read:

Find My Mobile

which was just weird! Turns out it was an internal test gone wrong (so Samsung say). It accidentally got pushed out to a ‘limited’ number of Samsung Galaxy devices worldwide.

Samsung is keen to point out that you can safely ignore the notification and no action is required by us, the end-users. Basically don’t panic! (This is also our advice).

You can read more about it on The Verge, click here, they have included Samsung’s apology Tweet a little way down the article.

Did you get the odd message this morning!?

Mike =)

Photo via WikiCommons