A few weeks back I got this photo (above) from my housemates with a message saying “Errrrr, we’ve tidied up the office and moved this, we don’t have any internet… when are you home?”

Turns out they had unplugged all the cables from the back of the BT broadband router, then didn’t know how to put them back in the right place!

Sadly for my housemates, I was out in the Lakes for the day and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t quite explain (I’m blaming the sketchy mobile phone connection) that they had lost a cable, the one from the phone socket to the router if you’re interested, behind the desk somewhere. Not to mention the cable in the red socket that should be in the yellow socket!

Fast forward to today

My parents rang me this morning (Sunday) and after apologising for maybe waking me up (it was 10am I was awake and up!), they said that they need to move some cables while they get a new carpet fitted. A couple of cables run across the floor to the broadband router and need to be unplugged so the carpet fitters can get into the corner of the room.

I had a horrible flashback to trying to fix the internet at my house after the office had been tidied, so I told my parents to take a photo of the back of the broadband router while it’s working. That way when they unplug it all, they know where each cable goes. If there were more cables I would have suggested labelling them too.

The Tip

Next time you need to move a PC, router or just some phone cables, snap a photo before you start. That way you’ll have a good chance of putting it all back together again!

If there are lots of cables that all look the same, maybe label them before you take the photo.

What not to do

If your photo of cables looks like this (below), then it probably won’t help you!
Yes, two of the 5 cables have a ‘?’ on the label and one doesn’t have a label!

Mike =)

PS While writing this I had a flashback to going bowling as a kid, we got there and they said they couldn’t let us bowl, turns out one of the employees had unplugged all the cables from the PC running the system and they didn’t know how it went back together again!