Hi Everyone,

This is a short journal post and it’s a little bit different, but I hope you enjoy anyways.

Mike Makes a New Cool PC

The past two weeks me and my girlfriend have been working on a new custom PC and I’m happy to say it’s finally finished. I thought I’d share it with everyone here on the clubroom.

My girlfriend has named her new PC “Bubblegum”

What Did We Do?

  • To start with we stripped the computer down and spray painted it white and over the course of the next few days we layered on a candy floss pink and a bright pink spray paint.
  • Next, we bent some clear acrylic pipes for the water-cooled system (This is instead of using fans which you would normally find in standard computers to cool them down)
  • We then put everything back in the computer and filled up the water cooled system with pink colored water cooling fluid.
  • Finally, we cut out a panel of plexiglass to cover the front so you could see completely inside the computer.

Here are the photos/videos of the build, including before and after videos.