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… brought to you by Jaffa Cakes!*
midweek mapping mapLast night I popped to the shops to buy fresh veg Jaffa cakes, on my way back I decided to take a small detour via the beach. Mainly to eat said cakes in the sun watching the tide go out. On my way back home I took a ‘shortcut’. And as well all know, shortcuts are often anything but…
At this point I reached for my phone to start mapping my walk so I could check where I was… Typically because I was just going to buy something quickly I didn’t have it with me. Which then made me think about writing this very post!
How to map a walk
Hot on the heals of forgetting my phone I went for a walk today, this time with an app tracking my every step… (if Tim asks, it was a work related walk in my lunch time!)

The App I have used for this blog post is called Map My Hike.

I installed the app on a work tablet (the Nexus 10) and went through the setup instructions (basically I tapped next), then I was ready to hit the trails… I hit “start workout” and strode confidently out of the building…
map my hike start
…(sheltering the tablet from the driving rain) setting off into the unknown, with nothing more than my local knowledge and a tablet to help me. 1km into the ‘hike’ the tablet announced in a loud voice that I was doing well and had reached 1km.
Turned out I took the long way there and the shorter way back which you can see further down under “review”…
Once safely back at Helpful Books HQ, away from the wind and rain I selected “Pause Workout” followed by “End Workout“, this saved my hike for me to reminisce about later…
Review your hike
Now I have a logged hike, I can look back at my achievement with pride. And also the geek side of me wants to know how far I walked, let’s review that now, tap on the menu and open “Workouts” from it.
Select the workout you have just done (for those playing along at home) you now get all kinds of stats which we can see clearly on this screen shot:
maphike reviewmaphike review 2
Elevate your Hike
Want to know how far above sea level you got? Fancy knowing how many meters you climbed? This app knows that too! Like Magic!
workout detail 1
Photograph your hike
See something of interest, or want to share your walk with a friend, but worried you might forget where a style is, or spot something of interestet, there is a quick “take a pic” button right in the app.
I snapped these pics while out and about, as you can see the light was terrible for photos and the rain didn’t help either!
IMG_20160519_131115[1] IMG_20160519_130813[2] IMG_20160519_130548[1]
Share your hike
There is a handy button on the hike details page which allows you to share this with your friends, (it looks like this share) if you want to share your hike with me my email is [email protected]
If you find a public footpath and fancy taking mapping to the next step, you could also add it to https://www.openstreetmap.org/ or Google Maps Map Maker site: https://www.google.co.uk/mapmaker
Hike Over
Until next time…  Happy Trails!
Mike =)
* as I still have no computer, internet, phone line or anything other than a pen in my new home, I literally wrote the outline of this post on the back of the Jaffa cakes pack!
[Note to self: Buy a notepad!]
See my scribbles below…
midweek mapping full scan
*There is no prize, sorry