Do you have an iPhone/iPad running iOS 11? Then this is for you.
With iOS 12 having just been released we have been asked if you should install it now, or wait…
We think you should install it as soon as you get the option because:

  1. While not called a “Fix for iOS 11” that’s basically what it is.
  2. It’s smaller and faster on your phone/tablet (some features are 50% faster!)

Unlike many of Apple’s previous iOS updates, iOS 12 is coming to many more devices, most devices that had iOS 11 will get version 12, so keep an eye out for it.

  • Check which version you have: Tap on the Settings App > General > About, then look for the iOS Version number.
  • Check if iOS 12 is ready for your device: Tap on the Settings App > General > Software Updates and install any listed there.

Read Apple’s full list of changes here.
Got any questions? Let us know!
Mike 🙂