Hello, I’m Mike and it’s lovely to be back here on the Inner Circle. I worked here until last year when I left to do something different… You can read more about me in my first welcome post, here.

Since then I’ve been busy writing a novel (it’s going slowly) and a series of short stories. I also worked in a corner shop for a few weeks and I’m in the process of setting up a website to help small businesses get their opening times right on Google Maps.

I’m going to be helping Jess on the Inner Circle a couple of days a week. And when I’m not doing that I’m working for an events company who run events all over the UK. The next one is in Leeds, it’s nothing to do with computers, this one is about demolition!

I’ll be back here a few days a week answering questions and writing some Journal posts, more on that below. You might also see me on the Inner Circle TV from time to time. (Nothing will beat my previous Journal post where I drew a map on the back of a Jaffa Cake packet)

Some possibly still relevant Journal Posts I wrote last year

Some useless Journal posts from last year (one’s I really enjoyed writing)

Journal Posts I’m working on / thinking about

  • Goodbye to Windows 7 (and what to do if you still use it)
  • Subtitles on everything all the time. TV, Netflix, YouTube etc…
  • Banks need your phone number (well not quite yet, but it’s best they have it anyway)
  • FM radio / DAB radio switchover (an update)

Do you have a subject you would like us to cover on the Inner Circle? Drop us a comment on the ClubRoom and we might be able to help you out.

Looking forward to talking with you all

Mike =)