As most of you know, Tim set The Helpful Book Company up over 14 years ago now – and as of the 1st November, he’s going to be stepping back from running the company.

The company will change to being “Employee Owned” – a bit like John Lewis/Waitrose, so it’ll actually be owned by everyone who works here (more info on Employee Owned Companies here).

Laura will be running it – she joined 13 years ago and has largely been running it day to day for a good while now, so that won’t actually be that big a change (some of you will have probably spoke to her over the phone and she even answered some questions on the Clubroom a few months ago).

If you do want to know a little bit more about what it means, we’ve put together a list of questions and answers here – by all means have a look and if you have any other questions, just leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

Pretty much all of you will have read about it through the weekly email newsletter that Tim sent out on Monday, but we wanted to let you know about what’s happened today.

As of 2.35 pm yesterday, all the paperwork has been signed so we’re officially Employee Owned!

We celebrated with prosecco and cake (of course) and there are sweets and chocolates galore!

It’s strange knowing that Tim is no longer in charge of the company, and also quite sad that this is the end of an era! But I’m sure Laura will do an excellent job of keeping the business running 🙂

We wanted to let you know that even though Tim is leaving The Helpful Book Company, none of our services will be changing. You’ll still get to speak to one of our lovely ladies in the customer service department if you call us, Mike and I will still be here to answer your questions and keep you entertained once a month with our ICTV episodes, all the editors will continue to write excellent books for you all and Laura will continue to look after the business and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Here’s some pictures of us all enjoying cake and prosecco: