In our last Inner Circle TV episode, we talked about giving you the option to vote on what we talk about. This Journal post gives a bit more detail about each of the voting options. Vote now either below or on the right of the screen.

Paying Online – Upcoming changes.

The banks are changing how you pay online, they might send you a text message or ask you to use an App to prove you are who you say you are. If you want us to talk about this in more detail vote for this on the right or below.

Free (legal) online TV/Film services.

Forget Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, there is lots of free video content on the internet. We’ll find the best/most interesting and talk through a few of the services if you vote for this.

Buying stamps for letters and parcels online.

Forget standing in line at the post office behind someone posting 8 parcels and paying in pennies, buy stamps online and pop your letting in the post box, you can even buy postage for parcels and just drop them off at pickup points. We’ll talk Royal Mail and discuss a couple of other options.

Picture-In-Picture video viewing in Firefox and Chrome.

Want to keep watching the latest episode of Tech Inner Circle TV while browsing other websites, Firefox and Chrome now let you do Picture-in-Picture! We could show you how if you vote for this.

Windows 10 Task Bar Settings.

We all use the Task Bar, it’s the black bar at the bottom of the screen, but did you know you can make it smaller, move it to the left/right/top and remove the search box? If you want a how-to video vote for this and we’ll show you all the settings.

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