Applies to anyone with an Android/Apple Smartphone who lives in the UK.

Hello! Well today’s the day (in England & Wales) that the NHS Track and Trace app is available. I’ve installed it and made some notes and taken some screenshots, so if you’re a bit unsure about installing the app have a read below…

We’ll cover:

  • Installing and setting up the England & Wales Covid Track and Trace app
  • Using the app while out and about
  • Using the app to check-in to a venue
  • A note about older phones that can’t have the app
  • Links to the Scottish app
  • Northern Ireland app
  • Other Countries
  • Further Reading

England & Wales

You can type “covid” into the search bar in your phone’s App Store and it should find it.
  1. Get the app:
    For Android
    For Apple
  1. Once it’s downloaded open the app and read the first screen and tap on “Continue”.
  2. Tap on “I am over 16” (If you are over 16!).
  3. Read the privacy document and scroll down to tap on “I Agree”.
  4. Read the message about Postcodes and scroll down.
Swipe up on this screen.
  1. Type the first part of your postcode into the box – for example, our work postcode is LA18 4JS, so you would just type in LA18 and tap on “Continue”.
  1. Read the next screen (Mike says: “By this point surely we know what the app is doing, but they’re telling us again!).
  2. Tap “Turn On” to allow notifications (some phones seem to ask twice for permission from this, just tap on “Allow” until it stops asking).
  1. That’s it! If there is a green tick that looks like this then you’re good to go.

Out and About
Remember to keep your phone with you when you go out and don’t forget to keep Bluetooth ON.

I tried turning Bluetooth off and I got this notification:

…and when I opened the NHS app I got this message:

Check-in at a venue (pub, restaurant)
Open the Track and Trace app (it’ll be on one of your Home screens, or in your All Apps list).

  1. Tap on “Venue check-in”:
  1. The first time you do this you might be asked to allow access to your camera, so tap on “Allow”.
  2. Point the phone so the QR Code (it looks like a funny square grid of black squares and squiggly lines) is in the viewfinder bit (where my can of Dr Pepper is in this example):

Older Phones
If you have a phone that the Track and Trace app won’t work on then I’m afraid you can’t use the app and from what I can gather it’s unlikely you’ll be able to without upgrading your phone.
According to the official information on the NHS website, the App needs either:
Android version 6 (Marshmallow) or later
Apple iOS version 13.5 or later

Watch the NHS England & Wales video


Because I’m in England I can’t install the Scottish Test and Protect app, but you can get the app here:
For Android
For Apple

Northern Ireland

Because I’m in England I can’t install the Northern Ireland Stop Covid NI app, but you can get the app here:
For Android
For Apple

Other Countries

Many other countries have similar apps, if you are unsure which is the correct app for you, drop us an email to [email protected] with your post address and we’ll track down the right app for you!

Further Reading