I use headphones loads at work, for editing the Inner Circle TV episodes, listening to music and sometimes watching help tutorials so I can find answers to problems. Sometimes I even listen to things in binaural sound.

When you listen to some things it can be important to hear the different audio on the left and right – for example watching a movie, you hear a noise coming from the left, but then the action on the screen doesn’t quite match.  Try watching this video with headphones on and you get a good feel for the sound being left/right/ centre.  Then try swapping your headphones over (so they’re the wrong way round) and while it’s still perfectly watchable it does seem a little off.

My Tip

Most headphones have L/R written on the side of the headphones, but some don’t (see photos of my headphones below). However, even my headphones that don’t have L/R written on them still have this little trick…

The Left-hand headphone will have raised dots on it (a little bit like braille), sometimes just 1 raised dot, sometimes more (my larger headphones have 3 dots) which you can feel. So as I pick up my headphones I don’t need to look at them and try and find a tiny R/L printed on the side. I can just feel for the dots and know if it’s the Left/ Right-hand side of the headphones.

And a bonus tip…

While walking I use a peg to stop the headphone wire pulling the headphones out of my ears, I just peg the wire to my shirt and it stops the wire tugging them!

This might save you about 3 seconds of time over many years, but I find it useful so I thought I would share it!
Mike 🙂