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Sorry, the Inner Circle is now closed to new members.

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The best way is to join online below. That way you get access straight away and you only pay for each month at a time.
You’ll need to use a credit or debit card and the membership fee (£8.99) will automatically be deducted each month.
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If you don’t like using your card details online, you can call Emma, Jade or Alicia – or one of the rest of us if it’s very busy! on 01229 777606 and join over the phone.
You’ll still only pay for each month at a time by card and you’ll still get the 30 day risk-free trial (and you can start using the Inner Circle as soon as you come off the phone).

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If you’d prefer to pay by cheque, give Emma, Jade or Alicia a call on 01229 777606 and we’ll sort out a yearly membership for you – then you can send us a cheque in the post. It means paying in advance but if you really want to use a cheque, at least you can.

I’d go for by card – that way you get access straight away and you only pay for one month at a time.

Either way, you get our risk-free promise – try it out for 30 days and if you’re not happy, let us know and we’ll refund everything you’ve paid – no matter how much you’ve used the Inner Circle. Even after the 30 days, you can cancel at any time and get the unused part of your subscription back.

Maestro cardholders:
Unfortunately, Maestro won’t allow their cards to be used for a regular monthly payment, only a one-off payment (I don’t know why, but they just won’t budge – no matter how much we ask them).
If you only have a Maestro card, you can still join using a one-off yearly membership, but you won’t be able to pay monthly I’m afraid. To do that, just ring Emma, Jade or Alicia on 01229 777606. You’ll still get the full 30 day risk-free trial and you can still cancel at any time.