Hello, In this month’s Inner Circle TV we talk about VPNs. What is one, some uses for them and Tim drops by to say goodbye. We don’t go into setting up a VPN to use (because we don’t use them ourselves), but with a lot of adverts from VPN providers making all sorts of crazy claims, we felt the need to explain exactly how they work and what security they can/can’t add.

The video is below.

Many thanks for watching

Jess & Mike

Update: I’ve tweaked the wording on the running time at 12.00 “Would we recommend a VPN” to be a bit clearer on our view. And added a second VPN link from Troy Hunt.

Running times:

0.00 Foreword from Tim
1.00 Definition of a VPN from the dictionary and traditional office use
4.30 Watching TV abroad as if you were in the UK
6.13 Security: Adding extra levels of security (the reality, not what the adverts claim)
8.10 Speed: Using a VPN to make the internet faster
9.00 Free with anti-virus
12.00 Would we recommend a VPN for everyday use? Spoiler: It’s complicated, generally we think it’s not worth running a VPN as a home user however Mike uses WARP (see links below) No.

Links we talk about in the video: