Hello, welcome to a slightly delayed August ICTV Episode. Mike’s in his workshop talking about different ways of extending WiFi networks, and an update on the DAB digital radio switch over.

Mike got a little off track in his recording, at one point he talks about the pallet that’s just behind him so we’ve cut that out, don’t mind the jumps in the video, it’s just pallet talk that we’ve removed!

Here are some links to the products mentioned:

Click the links below if you want to read the sales pages for each product type (there are loads of different manufacturers of these things out there, and we’re not recommending these specific models over any others). As ever, if you have any questions just pop back here and ask us.

  • WiFi Mesh (one WiFi network across your whole house, your device moves to the point with the strongest signal).
  • WiFi access point (a separate WiFi network to your main one).
  • PowerLine I’d avoid these if you can (A separate WiFi network, also handy if you need a network port for a PC).
  • WiFi Extender, I’d avoid using these.

We’ll make sure Jess is back for the next one to keep Mike on Track!

The Inner Circle Team

Mike, Jess and Kathryn