Welcome to the slightly delayed April 2020 Inner Circle Episode.

Here’s what’s covered in this months episode:

  • 0.00 Welcome and how we are recording this
  • 2.12 Winning Poll entries
  • 2.20 Free online TV/Film services
    (we don’t cover this in the video, Mike explains why)
  • 3.19 What’s Mike been up to over the past few weeks
  • 4.24 Upcoming Online Payment changes, when it’s coming into effect, what the changes are and what you need to do.
    Top Tip: Make sure your bank(s) has 2 phone numbers for you. Ideally a mobile and landline number
  • 13.00 Thank you & dogs! 🐶🐕

If you are having problems viewing the video you can watch it here.

Mike’s behind the scenes photo. Don’t tell my mum I borrowed her table cloth to cover the window 😎.

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Mike & Jess

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