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Making the Miles Fade, Part 2 – Calls & Text Messages

This is the second instalment of Making the Miles Fade – a guide to using your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop to bring you closer to friends and family. Phone calls are one of the more direct ways of keeping… Continue Reading →

Making the Miles Fade, Part 1 – How to Keep in Touch

Back in September last year, we published a book called Making the Miles Fade – all about the different ways technology can help you keep in touch with your friends and family. There are loads of options out there –… Continue Reading →

ebook: All You Need To Know About Music, Radio & Podcasts

All smartphones and tablets come with a Music app that you can use to buy music and listen to songs or albums you’ve bought. But there are also apps and websites that you can use to listen to music for… Continue Reading →

ebook: All You Need To Know About eBooks

I have to admit – it did feel a little bit odd working on this particular eBook for the Inner Circle. An eBook about eBooks! Whatever next! Anyway… in this little book you’ll discover the advantages and disadvantages of an… Continue Reading →

What is WhatsApp?

Mike says: “WhatsApp is probably my favourite messaging app that I use on my phone (I have lots! Including the unpopular Google Hangouts, I’m still trying to make that ‘a thing’). WhatsApp allows you to have group text chats and… Continue Reading →

How-To: Creating a BBC Account and some useful BBC Quick Links…

Hello, This is a quick rough how-to guide on creating a BBC account. You’ll need one if you want to listen to BBC Radio, BBC iPlayer or listen to anything else on BBC Sounds (Audiobooks and podcasts for example). We’re… Continue Reading →

Word To The Wise: TLDR

Well, I’ve learnt something new today! TLDR or as it’s sometimes written TL;DR means “Too Long; Didn’t Read”. If I’ve written a long article about, say, Microsoft Edge Updates and someone posts a comment saying “TLDR”, it means something like… Continue Reading →

The New Edge for Windows 10

Microsoft is launching a new version of their web browser Edge, it isn’t going to change much at all, but just in case you notice some things changing here is what’s happening. Windows 10 computers come with a built in… Continue Reading →

Fix Microsoft Edge Clearing history/logging out of websites when you close it

In some very rare cases, Microsoft Edge is clearing the history and logging out of websites every time you close it. Only follow these instructions if you think this is happening to you. If you are unsure come and ask… Continue Reading →

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