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Have your say on Artificial Voices. Take part in this BBC Study…

I just caught the end of the BBC R4 show ‘Inside Science’ (you can listen to the episode I heard here) the other evening and they were talking about new research that the BBC is carrying out. The BBC R&D… Continue Reading →

Tech I love: Battery Backups

Brief intro: We had a brief power cut and no one noticed… Our lights have just gone off and came back on again after about a second here at Helpful Books HQ. But no one noticed! Or at least we… Continue Reading →

Moving some cables? Top tip… Take a photo beforehand

A few weeks back I got this photo (above) from my housemates with a message saying “Errrrr, we’ve tidied up the office and moved this, we don’t have any internet… when are you home?” Turns out they had unplugged all… Continue Reading →

Email problems. 23-Jan-2020. Incorporating “What a few weeks”…

We’re having problems viewing, receiving and sending emails on the [email protected] address today. If you sent an email question today (23-Jan-2020) to that email address we might not have got it, but for those we do have, we’ll reply as… Continue Reading →

Christmas Opening Times

Hello, Mike here today… First of all Merry Christmas! Thank you all for being part of the Inner Circle in 2019 and I’m looking forward to carrying on in 2020. On a personal note, it’s lovely to be back and… Continue Reading →

Top Tip: Leave your phone on when you charge it. And a game recommendation

Brief overview: Mike panicked when he couldn’t install the next episode of a game on his phone, but this tip fixed it Applies to Apple/Android smartphones and tablets. I’ll use “phone” throughout to make it easier for me to write…. Continue Reading →

We set a timer for the end of Windows 7

At the time of writing this, there are less than 47 days until Windows 7 becomes End of Life and I can’t tell you how excited I am for this. It doesn’t mean there won’t be any Windows 7 machines… Continue Reading →

Problem: Club Room Reply Emails…

Hello, Our email provider is having a few issues sending emails (which is a bit annoying). It seems to be affecting mostly Microsoft email addresses (those ending in @Outlook, Live, Hotmail etc…) however we have also had reports of it… Continue Reading →

EOT day! – the day we became employee owned!

As most of you know, Tim set The Helpful Book Company up over 14 years ago now – and as of the 1st November, he’s going to be stepping back from running the company. The company will change to being… Continue Reading →

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