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Videos we’ve record for Inner Circle members – our regular monthly “Inner Circle TV” and some other bits and pieces.

ICTV July 2019 Episode – Huawei

Hello, In this episode of ICTV, I’ll be telling you a bit about the Huawei ban and how this affects you if you have, or plan on getting a Huawei device. It could also help your friends and family members… Continue Reading →

ICTV May 2019 – Augmented Reality

Hello, In this episode of ICTV, we take a dive into the technology known as Augmented Reality or AR for short. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically where you use a device such as your smartphone and… Continue Reading →

Member Help – Get Started Video

If you’re new to the Inner Circle or want to remind yourself how parts of it work, this video is a great place to start: Or, if you prefer to read how to use the Inner Circle you can find… Continue Reading →

ICTV February 2019 – Introducing Mike and answering your questions

Hello, In this episode of ICTV, we introduce the newest member of our team, Mike. He’s just started this week and he agreed to feature in this months episode to help us out. We also answer some of the questions that… Continue Reading →

ICTV December 2018 Episode – It’s Quiz Time!

Hello and welcome to the December Episode of Inner Circle TV. In this episode, we thought we’d end the year with a Christmas Quiz for a bit of fun.  Having problems playing it?  Watch it on YouTube here So… Continue Reading →

ICTV November 2018 – What’s new in the tech world, WhatsApp and Black Friday!

Hello, welcome to the November Episode of Inner Circle TV. In this episode, we thought we’d try something a bit different by starting off with “What’s new” in the tech world. We’ll probably continue this section in future episodes. We… Continue Reading →

ICTV October 2018. Say hello to OK Google, Hey Siri and Hey Cortana (but goodbye to Mike)

Hello, welcome to the October Episode of Inner Circle TV. This is Mike’s last ever episode of Inner Circle TV as he’s off to do something different – he wants to get away from computers for a bit. But this… Continue Reading →

ICTV September 2018 – Jess & what to do when devices play up

Hello, welcome to the September Episode of Inner Circle TV. Mike’s on holiday, so Jess is standing in for him – you’ll probably already know Jess as she answers a lot of the questions on the clubroom. Today we’re explaining… Continue Reading →

ICTV August 2018 – How to unlock your phone, from simple to Star Trek

Hello, welcome to the August Episode of Inner Circle TV. … in which we talk about the different ways of unlocking your phones, the simple one you really SHOULDN’T use and some of the fancier ones that might make life… Continue Reading →

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