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These are our older articles which might be useful to you and we might refer back to in some Inner Circle answers from time to time.

How do I know this website is secure – they want my bank details

The other day I tried to sign up for a subscription to our local newspaper, I’ve recently thought that local journalism is important so I thought I would support them, then this happened…

30% slower computers – Hackers in your CPU? What's all this about?

Hello! You might see some sensational headlines in the papers in the next day or so claiming things like… Microsoft slows your computer down 30%, here’s why Your computer 30% slower… Hackers can hack your CPU MASSIVE security flaw in… Continue Reading →

An early Christmas present

On Friday, I’m going to send an email to everyone on my “Tim’s Tech Tips” email newsletter, offering a little Christmas present – a short new book called “Best of 2017”. It’ll be free to everyone who orders anything from… Continue Reading →

[Fixed] Email Problems – affecting emails from us to Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL addresses

Hello We are aware of a problem with emails we are sending to members with, AOL and Yahoo addresses (also variants). If you have this type of email account then we can’t email you from the Inner Circle at the… Continue Reading →

2017 Fall/Autumn Creators Update – Windows 10

Applies to: Anyone with Windows 10 Hello! Are we all ready and excited for another big Windows 10 update‽ Yes, no, maybe, I don’t know? Can you repeat the question?^ As you may have guessed, I’m not 100% excited by… Continue Reading →

The Facebook Song. And only 2 mentions of Tim's new book…

Hey! Mike here, this is totally off topic… I’m sure Tim would love me to talk about his new book, but I’m not going to… Instead, I’m going to give you this amazing video, with some ‘fun’ facts and a… Continue Reading →

MS Office 2007 – End of Life. What you need to do

Applies to: Anyone using Microsoft Office 2007. Updated: now includes a little bit on why you need to stop using Office 2007… What is “End of Life”? End of life is the technical term Microsoft uses when they stop supporting… Continue Reading →

Mike… Did Some cleaning, Broke a thing, Saved some money & Left for a holiday!

Well, I’m off on holiday for a week! I’m heading down to Wales for a few days, then going to see some fireworks set to music in Southport! Very excited. I just thought I would leave you with what I… Continue Reading →

Windows File History, is history?

Applies to anyone with Windows 10. So, there are conflicting reports about “Windows File History” but it looks likely[1] that it won’t be around much longer. Heres what you need to know, even if you don’t use Windows File History…

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