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ICTV November 2018 – What’s new in the tech world, WhatsApp and Black Friday!

Hello, welcome to the November Episode of Inner Circle TV. In this episode, we thought we’d try something a bit different by starting off with “What’s new” in the tech world. We’ll probably continue this section in future episodes. We… Continue Reading →

How to check your internet speed

How to check your internet speed If you’re concerned your internet is running too slow or isn’t as fast as you thought it would be when you signed up for it, then you can check the speed of your internet… Continue Reading →

Renting and streaming films and TV series

[Updated: 14/04/2020] Renting Films and TV series You might have noticed how there are no video rental stores around nowadays – that’s because most people stream films and TV programmes online to their devices. You can watch almost any TV… Continue Reading →

Photo Editing: How to Turn Your Snaps into Something Special

[Updated: 14/04/2020] Applies to – Anyone who’s interested in tweaking their photos There’s so much you can do nowadays with your photos – turn them into canvasses, postcards, jigsaws and even coasters to put your cup of tea on. As… Continue Reading →

Jess got a phishing email, or did she??

We’ve all probably received that email from “PayPal” saying that your account has been frozen and you need to click on a link to verify who you are. Alarm bells start ringing when they want you to click on a… Continue Reading →

Two-factor Authentication: Not as Scary as it Sounds

What is two-factor authentication? Two-factor authentication sounds scarily technical, but at its simplest it’s just proving who you are using two different methods. It’s not actually anything new either, for example when you get money out of a cash machine… Continue Reading →

Inner Circle TV – April 2018 (Episode 7) – Fit-bits and WiFi Digital Radio

Here is Episode 7 of IC TV.  Tim’s been on holiday (lucky him) so Steph’s made a guest appearance for this episode! Mike and Steph talk about Fit-bits and WiFi Digital Radios. Having problems? Watch it on YouTube here. Jess

Watching TV online

Imagine this: your TV set has just blown up and you’re in the middle of watching the season finale of Downton Abbey!  Oh no! Thankfully, if you have a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can carry on watching the episode… Continue Reading →

Google Maps – the Solar System at your fingertips

Google Maps has always been super-useful, but in recent years it’s got really exciting.  A few years ago, Google teamed up with NASA and The European Space Agency to let you venture to Mars, the Moon, Mercury and even the… Continue Reading →

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